Thursday, January 1, 2015

Morning Star

I see the morning star rising in the east
the darkness is over and love is in the air
with the breaking of the dawn
my heart is breaking
the pain is fleeing
the fountain is flowing deep and wide within my soul
my hope is in heaven
the home which awaits me there
though I long for that place, where all pain will flee away
I know I must be here

I see people sitting and waiting
and wonder what thoughts are being pondered
what feelings are swimming in their souls
I can hear their cries, rising, rising
rising up to heaven
and with a tear I ponder
what hope they have and if each one knows

the lustrous colors of the city
jump out and swirl in anxious seeking
each color cries…
don’t leave me to wander in demitint obscurity
don’t leave me alone
please don’t abandon me, without a home
but let me fly to heaven
let me break forth in freedom
let my spirit flutter like a butterfly in the wind
soar like an eagle in the firmament

break me Lord, break my heart
break my heart for what breaks yours

mi amor
may we find peace and solace
with every fervent sunset
with every morning that, with passion, breaks forth
may there always be a fire burning in the evening
may there always be a glowing of the heart
may every morning bring glory
and when the journey ends
we will have known Him
and made Him known
in every way we can

bright and morning Star
offspring of David
You’ve given us a prophetic word so sure
yet darkness covers us
and sometimes we cannot see
You said, the night was over
but sometimes we wonder if we’ll ever pass into the light
confirm Your promise with Holy manifestation
make the morning star arise in our hearts
we want to see You
we long to see You
to see Your bright and shining face
replace our shadows and make us free
burst forth from our hearts
mighty wind, remove the clouds
so we can see the Morning Star

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