Saturday, January 11, 2014


the times I wish that you were here
you would know just what to do
now I am living in fear
and I just want to feel that peace which once surrounded me
I hold her close, and thank the Lord
looking back, wide-eyes with wonder
when I walked into the room I could feel the darkness
but when I saw you in the sanctuary
tears streaming down your face
I could feel the presence of God
and though the battle was fierce, I knew that He was real
I remember every moment, just like it was yesterday
I rode all over town, and back again
and how I wanted to please you
though I crashed, still, I brought the rose, unbroken
that was so long ago
now I face each day with fear
and I just want to feel that peace which once enveloped me
I hold her close, and thank the Lord
and she smiles and hugs me back
I wonder, will I ever, be free from the shackles and the chains
when I’ve cried out, and I still do and I still shout
and I’ve twirled around like a wild man
hoping to touch the face of heaven
dear Lord, will I ever
be free from fear and free from shame?
I rise up to greet you
but with every blow I’m taken back, to the ground
I am shaken, this giant unbeaten
I forget the days, when, like a child, I ran to the battle
that was before the long, cold journey
through the wilderness
and this desert has left its scar
and I wonder, if I’ll ever, be free from its shame
the heaviness laid upon my soul
ripped bare, I lift up my eyes
and wonder if I really have the strength
she places her hand in mine, and smiles
and I thank the Lord
Lord, come tonight and visit me
make the words that you have spoken real
let me see the day, when your word is not just memory
or a dream, of what might have been and all I hoped that it could be

but let it be alive in reality

Prayer Equals Peace

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